Incorrigible Candy’s founders have been in the Colorado hemp industry since the beginning. The list of projects and side-projects with our hands on them is long and tied up with NDAs, shadowy characters, super villains, crypto tycoons, billionaires, space aliens, werewolves, vampires, Uncle Sam, and a musician or two.

This magical energy gets put into the copper kettle along with the sugar and hemp to bring you the world’s most potent hemp hard candy. Sometimes it means showing up to hidden parties in the foothills of Aspen, or flying to Tampa to talk about nano emulsion cannabis asset tracking on the blockchain, or Denver to lobby the government over hemp rights. We take our duty seriously. We trust no one else to get the job done.

We consider ourselves among the old guard in the hemp industry. We pride ourselves on having worked with some of the best. Hemp is the American Dream. What else is there to say?

Oh yeah the hemp is sourced locally in Colorado from a small handful of select companies. We know the owners personally. The best growers and extractors in the state of Colorado. It is organically grown outdoors. Tested for pesticides and toxic heavy metals before and after production of the candy.

The flavor oils are naturally sourced along with the citric acid which makes the candy sour.

Our drop roller is authentic Thomas Mills vintage circa 1890s.

The copper kettles and kettle burner are also vintage. The Savage Bros burner is an Economy no 10, which was sold between 1960 and 1980s.

We have no idea how old the kettle itself is, old. Heavy. Copper. Big enough to cook 30lbs of candy in one batch.

And speaking of the candy! What about that nano emulsion? Well anything good has a secret or two. Our candy is nano emulsified. That means the hemp oils in our candy dissolve in water. The process is a well kept magical secret.

If you have any questions give us a ring at 719·221·8227 or send us a message on the Contact Us page. Check us out on Instagram for pictures and videos of us making candy.

In Colorado, hemp manufactures must adhere to rigorous product testing. We work with the most reputable third party labs. Incorrigible Candy passes all tests. INCORRIGIBLE LLC is a registered hemp manufacturer in the state of Colorado with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


Microbial Contaminants

Residual Solvents



Heavy Metals