About our Black Friday sale: It runs from midnight Friday morning until December 1st. (It’s already live now!) 

The 10 pack of suckers is $89 from $119 — this is the biggest discount and you’ll get a variety of flavors.

Individual suckers are $10 from $15 — individual suckers are great for testing things out or sampling flavors.

Head on over to the shop to pick up a 10 pack or individual suckers: https://www.incorrigiblecandy.com/shop

Happy Thanksgiving from the Incorrigible Candy team! We had a company Thanksgiving over the weekend to wrap up our candy hack week. We hope you enjoyed yours as much we enjoyed ours.

Turkey, potatoes, gravy, corn, black eyed peas, cranberry sauce, and olives.

— The Incorrigible Candy Team