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Lemon Drops 路 1000 grams


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One kilo of hemp infused hard candy. (2.2 lbs, 1000 grams) Back by popular demand. The real deal. Hand stretched and nano-emulsified. Lots of pretenders, charlatans, rogues, and highway men. Only one Incorrigible. What you do with it all is your business. Produced with authentic Savage Bros copper kettles and Thomas Mills brass drop rollers. A piece of American history revitalized. Except no substitute. Flavor: Lemon. Each 1000 gram bag of candy contains
  • 5500mg CBD.
  • 235mg THC. (%0.24)
Each individual 1.8 gram lozenge contains
  • 10mg CBD.
  • 0.4mg THC. (%0.24)
Ingredients: Sugar, rice syrup, sunflower lecithin, cream of tartar, ethanol extracted winterized industrial hemp crude oil, non-GMO citric acid, olive oil, natural and artificial flavor and colors.