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350mg CBD · 12mg THC

Per Ounce

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Full Spectrum Hard Candy

50mg CBD per serving

Serving Size: 4 grams (2 pieces)

Servings per ounce: about 7

100% natural hemp extract

Old fashioned. The real deal. Hand stretched and nano-emulsified.

Lots of pretenders, charlatans, rogues, and highway men. Only one Incorrigible.

What you do with it all is your business.

Produced by hand in La Jara, Colorado with authentic Savage Bros copper kettles and Thomas Mills brass drop rollers.

A piece of American history revitalized. Except no substitute.

How many licks? We won’t tell. Suck on them too. That is OK with us.

Vegan. GMO Free. Organic citric acid. No artificial flavors. TSA approved.

Nano-emulsion means dissolves in water.

Highly bio-available. Most Potent.

World’s first CBD Video Game. Play for free online.

Try it today. San Luis Valley sourced and produced.

CBD hard candy full spectrum alchemically divined with hermetic mysticism.

We do only one thing. Make hard candy. We do it right. That is why we are the best.

Compare to sunmed hard candies.

From the past, the present acts prudently, lest it spoils future action.

All theory is gray, my friend. But forever green is the tree of life.

Flavors available: Lemon 🍋, Gunjah Wallah 🍁

Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, sunflower lecithin, cream of tartar, full spec industrial hemp distillate, natural citric acid, olive oil, natural flavor and colors.

Ingredients for Gunjah Wallah: Organic maple syrup, corn syrup, sunflower lecithin, cream of tartar, ethanol extracted winterized industrial hemp crude oil, olive oil.

350mg CBD · 12mg THC · per ounce

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 Full Spectrum Hard Candy

 Product contains THC ⚠️

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In Colorado, hemp manufactures must adhere to rigorous product testing. We work with the most reputable third party labs. Incorrigible Candy passes all tests. INCORRIGIBLE LLC is a registered hemp manufacturer in the state of Colorado with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


Microbial Contaminants

Residual Solvents



Heavy Metals

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Lemon, Gunjah Wallah


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